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Wanted: grep-like function

    Date: Sun, 6 Mar 88 17:30:50+0900
    From: Junichi NAKAMURA <nakamura%nagao4.kuee.kyoto-u.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet@relay.cs.net>

    Does anybody have a UN*X grep-like function?  I'm looking for it.

Symbolics Genera 7.0 and later includes the :Find String command, which
can search for a set of strings in a specified set of files.  The files
can be specified by a wild card pathname or the name of a system (by the
way, the :Patch Files Yes option doesn't work, so you'll have to use a
wild card to search patch files).

Find String doesn't support regular expressions, so if you need that
part of the grep functionality this won't work.