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New DialNet Site

    Date: Fri, 11 Mar 88 10:09 EST
    From: Michael Haynie <mbh@GEMSBOK.wisdom.dialnet.symbolics.com>

    Hello! This is Wisdom Systems. We have changed our site to WISDOM from
    MAGIC-KINGDOM. We can now be reached at:

	    EMAIL:  Plover.Wisdom.DialNet.Symbolics.COM,

	    SNAIL:	Michael Haynie
		    Wisdom Systems
		    100 North Main, Suite 301
		    Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

    I can be reached at 1-216-247-2705, 8am to 5pm EST(EDT).
    Please include this in the users registry. Please send a copy of the latest
    users registry.
					    Michael Haynie.

    PS You may have already recieved this request indirectly, but I would like for you to
    mail what ever version of the users group registry is available. Thanks

I am the SLUG librarian.   I do not maintain the dialnet registry.  As a
service to SLUG members I included a copy of the registry on SLUG
library tape #3.   Each SLUG tape costs $35 payable in advance and
delivered to a US address.  The version of the dialnet registry I have
is 10019 bytes long.  It is too long I think to be emailed.   MCC does
not allow anyone to ftp files from any of our computers over the

Mark Grover is the maintainer of the dialnet registry last I knew.  He
is at grover@potomac.ads.com.    For some reason I have not been able to
contact him at that address.   I am copying this to the SLUG list in
hopes that someone who can handle it will do so.

  -- Wilson M. Michaels