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Screen Dump from 3650 to DEC LNO-1?

A request for help.


     I need a way to get a hard copy of whatever is on the screen of my 
SYMBOLICS 3650.  The 3650 has no printer, but it is connected, using DECNET, to 
a DEC VAX 11/785 (file server), and the VAX has a DEC LNO-1 Laser Printer.  I 
can move text files over to the VAX and print them but I do not know how to do 
the same thing for graphics.

    Can any one tell me how to:
     1.  Capture the current image on the screen of my 3650?
     2.  Print it out on the LNO-1?

          or as an alternative

     3.  Print it out on a Tektronix color printer?


Don Hodge          ARPA  dhodge@amsaa-seer
                   UUCP  .{seismo,unc,decvax,cbosgd}!brl-smoke!dhodge
                   Phone  301-278-6597