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Re: Screen Dump from 3650 to DEC LNO-1?

It is real simple to capture the bitmap, as a binary file, of what is on the
screen.  The question is whether you can figure out how to get the LNO-1 to
print a bitmap.

You can redefine what, say, FUNCTION-Q points to from its default to some
function of your own that does whatever it wants with the screen's bitmap.
It could just copy the bitmap into a binary file for you.  Then you (or a
program) could ship that file off to your Vax where something over there
sends it off to your printer.  (Or you could have the FUNCTION-Q function
do the shipping of the bits directly to some server running on the Vax.)

I bet most people don't know that you can do the following:

(setq hardcopy:*default-bitmap-printer* '(:file "host:>dir>foo.postscript"))

where postscript is one of the supported canonical file types for which
there has been a DEFINE-HARDCOPY-FORMAT.  (Others include LGP, PRESS,
etc.)  Then you have a file which can be fed directly to a postscript
printer.  (I think that is right--I don't have a postscript printer but
it does work on my (I don't know about MIT's) Imagen format files.)

You can also hardcopy to screens in the same fashion as files (but I've never
tried it).