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Symbolics hardcopy for Sun?

Unfortunately, there are no well-publicized standards for printer
spooling, as there are for remote login, file transfer, and mail.
Vendors have therefore implemented their own protocols.

I don't think a HARDCOPY TCP TELNET namespace entry would help you at
all.  It is very unlikely that a printer server would use the TELNET
protocol.  In addition to just transmitting the text, a printer
protocol must include facilities for transmitting control operations
such as specifying the name of the requesting user and the name of the
file being printed for display on the banner page, and for reporting
errors encountered.  More likely, the printer server you found uses
the Unix "lpd" protocol; in our /etc/servers it is not marked
"experimental", and I know this protocol has been in use on Unix for
years.  The protocol is probably documented in one of the Sun manuals;
I'm at home, so I only have the online documentation, and "man lpd"
only documents the contents of the control file, but not the protocol
used to transmit it.  I expect that it is pretty simple, though, and
would probably be a good exercise for someone interested in learning
how to write a Genera server.