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   Check this out from a LISP Listener:

        Command: t

     A user encountered this problem and does not know what caused it.  Somehow
T started evaluating to NIL after an error concerning an illegal array 
reference was encountered in his program.

     I evaluated T in several different packages, in new LISP Listeners, and
after a warm boot and still the same answer, NIL.  I was unable to bind T
to any non nil value using any of the SET? functions and was forced to cold 
boot the machine to fix the problem.


        1) What could have caused this to happen?
        2) How can I fix the problem once it occurs (short of cold booting)?

   Michael S. Kelsen      
   GE Simulation & Control Systems   ARPA: <kelsen@ge-dab.GE.COM>
   PO Box 2500, Room 4351            UUCP: ...!mcnc!codas!ge-dab!kelsen
   Daytona Beach, FL  32015         Phone: (904) 239-4910