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SLUG '88 Registration

By now you should have received the information and registration form
for SLUG '88 which has been previously announced in detail on this bboard.

In summary, it will be held in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania
from June 6 - June 10. On campus, dormitory housing is available at the rate
of $26/day, but must be reserved by April 15. June 6 and 7 will be tutorials
each a half day in length: The Power of LISP and Symbolic Processing, or
"Why Am I Using this Machine?"; Creating Maintainable Code; New and Little-
Known Tools for the Site Administrator; High Performance and Optimization.
There will be a reception in the evening of Tuesday the 7th and then the
General Conference will be held Wed, Thurs, and Friday.

If you need registration information and materials, please call Shelanski
Associates (215)635-1819. They can reserve a dorm room for you and send
you registration materials. Please be aware, Shelanski can NOT answer detailed
program questions. Also IF YOU RESERVE A ROOM BY PHONE, get a check in the
mail for it as soon as possible - SLUG has to pay for the rooms reserved
whether or not they're used.

If you have program questions or if you have contributions, contact Paul
Pangaro pan%athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.com@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
or at (202)547-7775.

See you in 2 months,
Richard Billington
Organization Chair, SLUG '88