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mouse panes

I want to have two panes side by side where each has its own loop which takes
input from clicking on junk with the mouse. When the mouse is moved to the
other pane it should switch to the command-loop of that pane it is over.

More specifically my problems are:

1. If I do a dw:tracking-mouse for the one pane, how do I get it to exit this
   function when the mouse leaves the pane?

2. How do I make a loop which accepts input from a pane when the mouse is over
   it, but exits the loop when the mouse leaves the pane?

3. One of my panes is defined as:

   (pane1 dw::dynamic-window-pane
          :blinker-p nil
          ((dw:margin-borders :thickness 1)))

   Why is there a 8 pixel margin whitespace at the bottom margin? It is as
   though it is trying to leave space for a label. I need to be able to draw
   stuff in that area.

Please Help -- bouma@purdue.cs.edu