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HP LaserJet problems

Does anyone have any ideas on whats going on and how to
fix the following problem?

I have a 3640 running 7.1 which is connected to a 
HP LaserJet series II printer and when I do a Hardcopy 
File I get a document that has funny characters 
(ie something like a 1/2 sized l with an accent over it)
where blank lines should be. Everything else in the file
(execpt EOF) prints out ok.

The printer object in the namespace has the following settings:

Type*: ASCII
Interface: Serial
Interface Options: UNIT 1  BAUD 9600  PARITY NIL
                   NUMBER-OF-DATA-BITS 8
                   ASCII-CHARACTERS t
                   XON-XOFF-PROTOCOL t
Format: ASCII

Thanks for any help,
Andy Trumble