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Zmail over DNA

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 88 10:59 EDT
From: Len Moskowitz <Len@HEART-OF-GOLD>
Subject: Zmail over DNA
To: "3077::IN%\"slug@master.inference.dialnet.symbolics.com\""@TSD1,
    "3077::IN%\"ragosa%psyche@BOEING.COM \""@TSD1
In-Reply-To: Your message of 14 Apr 88 07:23 EDT
Message-ID: <880414105958.1.LEN@HEART-OF-GOLD>
I'm mailing this from Zmail on a Symbolics system to a local VMS VAX via
DECnet. The local VAX is forwarding it to another non-local VAX which runs PMDF
and is our CSnet server.  The Symbolics mail system can't handle addresses to
non-local DECnet destinations so we have to use so-called "poor man's routing"
(i.e., every network jump but the first is encoded as a VAXmail address).  The
VAXen handle all DECnet routing.  From our Symbolics a CSnet address looks like
where 3077 is the DECnet address of our non-local CSnet server VAX.  TSD1 is a
local VAX that the Symbolics namespace knows about.  IN% is the PMDF system.
By the way, we couldn't use this sort of addressing until we bugged Symbolics
for a patch that allowed addresses that had quoted strings within quoted
strings. The address parser used to barf on the embedded quoted string and
wouldn't accept a backslash to hide it (it doubled or tripled the backslash).
I'm not sure if this patch was included in 7.1 (or 7.2), so if you need it,
drop me a note.
My normal address on CSnet is moskowitz@bendix.com.  The alias that PMDF knows
for that address is TSD1::moskowitz, an account on my local VAX.  I've set my
forwarding on that VAX to send all my mail to the Symbolics (AIP1::Len).  This
way, when the Symbolics server is down, I just cancel the VAXmail forwarding
and the VAX catches all my mail.