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Allegro Coral Common LISP

I would like to get some opinions of people who use the Allegro CL
by Coral on the MACII about how good it is, problems in port
Symbolics code to such environment. Coral also recently sells
a number of add-ons products to their CL. Experiences on these
are also appreciated.

I am also interested in knowing your MacII configuration. What is
the minimum your feel that can support Coral Allegro Lisp development
on Mac II.

I am sure that quite a few of other SLUG members are 
also interested in the same topic. Please pass along what
you've experienced.

Duc T. Tran
(703) 998 4647
ARPA: duc@dgis, duc@daitc
UUCP: uunet!dgis!duc, uunet!daitc!duc