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domains & namespaces

Under 7.2 (and 7.1) i can have a domain server resolve IP addresses
for random hosts of the form a.b.c.d....

Now, i would like to use this nice facility to establish streams
to these random hsots from programs using 

(neti:find-paths-to-service-on-host ....)

unfortunately, if i wish to use a LOGIN service for this random
host, i still have to put this host in my (or someone's LISPM)
namespace in order for find-paths-to-service-on-host to work
properly.  This sort of defeats the purpose of having domain
servers at all, and means i have to put EVERY host i might want
to talk to (1000s) in a namespace.  Now, what should happen, is
that the domain server should find an IP address for the prospective
host to verify that it exists, then do something like an HINFO
to make a reasonable guestimate of what protocols exist at the
other end, and return these pieces of information to NETI, rather
than bothering the namespace server.

After all, if the UN*X folks can get by with less inconvenience,
why shouldn't we?  Does anyone else have a workaround/idea/whatever
for this "problem"?