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domains & namespaces

    Date: Mon, 2 May 88 18:01 CDT
    From:     Gumby@MCC.COM (David Vinayak Wallace)

        Date: Mon, 2 May 88 17:30:02 EDT
        From:     pc@ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

        unfortunately, if i wish to use a LOGIN service for this random
        host, i still have to put this host in my (or someone's LISPM)

        After all, if the UN*X folks can get by with less inconvenience,
        why shouldn't we?

    You can do just what the unix people have to: to the Terminal window you
    can type "a.b.c.d :Connection Protocol whatever :Login Protocol whatever"

Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work.  I end up in the debugger and need to
select a proceed option.  Unless I'm missing something?  To wit:

Connect: TOTO.MIT.EDU 1(keywords) 0:Login Protocol 1(a protocol) 0TELNET :Connection Protocol 1(a protocol [default Telnet]) 0Telnet
2Error: TOTO.MIT.EDU does not support LOGIN service with TELNET.

   Arg 1 (NET:HOST): #<FS:UNIX-HOST TOTO.MIT.EDU 12631770>
s-A:           Use protocol TELNET on medium TCP.
s-B, :    Restart process Terminal 2 Typein

- Stephen