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Re: Scope of this group

The reponse to my initial, purposely veiled message has been split between
Symbolics employees and a few others who seem to know exactly what I'm
talking about, and others who don't. Without letting anything out, but to
clarify so people don't think I was flaming the traffic in this group:

I was not referring to past or current news traffic in this group. Read the
message carefully:

    I'd like to propose that this mailing list be limited to discussions of
    Symbolics symbolic language products and supporting hardware and issues
    relating to them; other symbolics product (i.e. Unix machines made by that
    other vendor) may have their own mailing list?

This means interface between UNIX and a 36xx or 40xx machine is fair game
("issues relating to them"). I said "OTHER SYMBOLICS PRODUCT".

I have found the past and current traffic in this group to be extremely
useful, I simply wanted to get a discussion going with people who know
what's going on, without saying anything I shouldn't. Further if this other
symbolics product does not run lisp or a symbolic programming environment,
then I don't think messages relating to that product belong in this group.
Fair enough? It's a proposal, not an order. It is "symbolics LISP user's
group" isn't it?

Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}