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Connecting to a Mac

We are trying to use a Macintosh II as a print server for our Symbolics
machines. In particular, we'd like to have the Symbolics send its postscript
files to the Mac via IP/TCP and put them into the print spooler directory on
the Mac.

We've got a Mac set up with an IP-TCP gateway, and have managed to send files
to it from a VMS VAX using the standard protocol. However, our Symbolics
doesn't seem to be able to establish that same connection.  Our guess is that
the software that establishes IP-TCP connections somehow assumes things that
are true about the VAX, but not about the Mac (which is using a Unix like file
system, and thus is defined in the namespace as a Unix host). Does anyone know
how to inspect and then change the connection procedure to make it work? Or
just what the needed changes/information from the Mac is needed in the first

Our traces reveal that the relevant stuff seems to happen in the flavor
FS:TCP-FTP-FILE-ACCESS-PATH, for which the source file
rel-7>ip-tcp>tcp-ftp.lisp is not available to common mortals like us :-).

tyg galloway@clsepf51.bitnet OR galloway%clsepf51.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU OR
    tyg@mit-eddie.uucp OR tyg@eddie.mit.edu