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terminal emulator in 7.2

Hi folks:

We seem to be having trouble with the terminal emulator in 7.2; I'm trying to
talk to a Sun (4.2BSD) using vt100 emulation.  Most things work fine, but Emacs
(yes, I know, Zmacs is better, quicker, etc., etc., but I use Emacs as a shell
and mail reader, etc., on the Sun) becomes brain-damaged.  More specifically,
lines get left where they were after the screen scrolls, the screen displays
the cursor in the wrong place (although Emacs still knows where it is), and
split screen (such as when I reply to mail) mixes the lines up in the second
window.  We had similar trouble w/ 7.1's terminal emulator, but that was fixed
by using a hack sent to us by someone (Symbolics?).  Unfortunately, the hack
seems incompatible w/ the new terminal emulator.  Do any of you have a new
hack to fix the thing?

Thanks very much.

Roy Turner