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Symbolics to Sun

    Date:  Thu, 5 May 88 11:13 EDT
    From:     Barshay@DOCKMASTER.ARPA

	      We have our Symbolics hooked to a network of Sun 3/60s and a
    Sun LaserWriter printer.  We want to be able to send bit-map dumps from
    the Symbolics to be printed on the Postscript laser printer.  Has anybody 
    written software to let us do this?

I have software that allows your Symbolics Lisp machine to send printouts to
the sun, using the Sun's lpd printing protocol.  You'll still need to get lgp2
printer support software from symbolics.  I provide the means for spooling to
the sun.  Symbolics provides support for the postscript printer.

My lpd support will be included in my 7.2 TeX SLUG submission, which is in the
midst of the submission process right now.  I will mail you a copy if you tell
me whether which release you're running, 7.1 or 7.2 (it's slightly different
between 7.1 and 7.2).

	      Also we are interested in password protecting our individual files.
    Has anybody written software to do that?  I know about ACL but we only 
    have one Symbolics therefore it is our file server and namespace and
    ACL can't help us out.

It's always going to be hard to protect files from anyone who can get access
to the console of the machine.  This is true of any computer I have ever used,
including suns.  Still, you might see what happens if you setq
lmfs:*local-privilege* to be nil.  This is pretty dumb security, since all
someone has to do is set it back to t to get around any security.

For privacy, you can encrypt text files.  ZMACS has commands m-X encrypt
buffer and m-x decrypt buffer.  This might be enough for your purposes.

	      I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks  Jane