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Connecting to a Mac

    Date:    Thu, 5 May 88 20:30:18 N
    From:     galloway%elma.epfl.ch@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

    We are trying to use a Macintosh II as a print server for our Symbolics
    machines. In particular, we'd like to have the Symbolics send its postscript
    files to the Mac via IP/TCP and put them into the print spooler directory on
    the Mac.

    We've got a Mac set up with an IP-TCP gateway, and have managed to send files
    to it from a VMS VAX using the standard protocol. However, our Symbolics
    doesn't seem to be able to establish that same connection.  Our guess is that
    the software that establishes IP-TCP connections somehow assumes things that
    are true about the VAX, but not about the Mac (which is using a Unix like file
    system, and thus is defined in the namespace as a Unix host). Does anyone know
    how to inspect and then change the connection procedure to make it work? Or
    just what the needed changes/information from the Mac is needed in the first

What is the "UNIX like" operating system you are running on the MAC 2?  Are
you running Apple's UNIX on you MAC, or are you running the traditional MAC
operating system?

What is "the standard protocol"? The unix LPD printer spooling protocol, or
the FTP file transfer protocol?

Are you running 7.1 on you Symbolics machines, or 7.2?

If you are running Apple's UNIX on the MAC 2, and it includes the lpd printer
spooling system, then I can help you.  I have a file that I can send you then
implements a lisp machine client end for sending files, listing queues, and
other manipulations for the UNIX LPD printer spooling protocol.  This is the
protocol used by BSD 4.2, BSD 4.3, and Suns.

    Our traces reveal that the relevant stuff seems to happen in the flavor
    FS:TCP-FTP-FILE-ACCESS-PATH, for which the source file
    rel-7>ip-tcp>tcp-ftp.lisp is not available to common mortals like us :-).

    tyg galloway@clsepf51.bitnet OR galloway%clsepf51.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU OR
	tyg@mit-eddie.uucp OR tyg@eddie.mit.edu