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Connecting to VMS Vaxen

	We would like to network our symbolics with our VMS vaxes in order
to do several things: Send Mail, transfer files, interprocess communicate
(vax program talk to symbolics program), etc., etc.
	What do you recommend?  (I recommended that we junk all the vaxes
and get everyone a symbolics, but was sneered at!)
	Seriously, I understand that SYmbolics's DNA product doesn't QUITE
cut the mustard.  Jerry @ Intellicorp and Rich @ Boeing (both of whom I
can't seem to send mail to -- please, you guys, send me your thoughts!) both
had problems, and I recall that Jerry had some interesting solutions, but
these MIGHT have required Ultrix or some variant on the Vaxes, a situationi
that we can't do here.
	I would appreciate any flames, hints, total solutions, etc. that you
can send me; I imagine that this is of global interest, but if you don't want
to clutter this net (with its unbelieviable volume) please mail directly to
me; I'll summarize if necessary.
	thanks very much,
	chris sterritt
	sterritt%sdevax.decnet@ge-crd.arpa	(on arpanet)