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Tex on the symbolics

    Date: Fri, 13 May 88 06:18:31 PDT
    From:     luria@renoir.Berkeley.EDU (Marc Luria)

    What do i need?  I have Symbolics Pascal,  we have Tex sources at our site
    for Unix.  What else do i need and where do I get it?

To use TeX in Genera 7.2, all that you will need is the TeX distribution
tape(s), soon to be available from the SLUG library, and LGP2 or LGP1 hardcopy
support from Symbolics.  Mac will make an announcement when the tapes are
available.  It is a goal to have the tapes available by the SLUG 1988

You won't need to have Symbolics Pascal to use it.  Symbolics has contributed
the Pascal Runtime binaries necessary to run Pascal programs in Genera 7.2 to
the SLUG library, and they will be included as part of the TeX distribution.
The SLUG TeX distribution makes no use of the UNIX TeX distribution.

The TeX distribution includes full support of TeX, LaTeX, SliTeX, YTeX,
BibTeX, a DVI file previewer, and hardcopy support for Symbolics LGP2, LGP1,
QMS QUIC, and Imagen imPRESS printers.  It includes sources to everything but
the Pascal Runtime Support.  It also includes an extensive set of device
fonts.  It is much more robust than the Genera 7.1 TeX distribution.