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Re: Symbolics console/machine cables

I take care of Symbolics LISPMs at BBN, and I just ordered a few
wall boxes.  I remember the part# was CABL-B1, and they were $150.ea.
You need two (one for when the cable splits on its way into the wall,
and one for the recombination when it comes back out).  You also need
a (some) special tool(s) for crimping (I thinK) and that's pretty expensive.
Your salesman will know more...

I'm fairly new here and I inherited  Symbolics customer service technical
bulletin #45A.  It tells all and gives suggested cable types for different
length runs, and suppliers too.  Ask yoursales or service person, I guess.
Or, if you're in a rush, you can call me and I'll look stuff up for you.

okbye  Hel

P.S.I also can point you to our guy who has installed a couple if need be.