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At Varian we use DNA (since February this year, previously we used
CHAOS) to connect our LISPMS (2 machines) to our VAXEN (3 machines)
for remote login (to the VAXEN) and file service (by the VAXEN).  I've
found that for this level of interconnection there are occasional bugs
but overall it works quite well.  We've been able to workaround any
problems with the help of Symbolics software support.  I haven't tried
mailing between these machines using DNA nor have I tried running
processes on the VAX from the LISPM or vice versa.  Our main advantage
in using DNA is that it doesn't require running any additional
software on the VAX side as all our VAXEN were already connected via DECNET.

The installation went extremely smoothly, in part because of excellent
cooperation from the Symbolics sales and service people in Mountain

Joe Karnicky