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My SLUG Library submission: TeX for 7.2

I was really hoping that my 7.2 TeX submission would get to you in time for
copies to be made before SLUG 1988, but it doesn't look good.  I sent in a
description to Brad Goldstein at Symbolics four weeks ago, to get consent for
the Symbolics code in it, but I have heard nothing from Brad since then.  I
didn't expect it to take this long.  

The 7.1 TeX submission doesn't work in 7.2.  I would bet that the 7.2 TeX
would be real popular at SLUG.  It is self contained in that it includes the
required pascal runtime support to use it, which is a significant feature, but
also the reason why you don't have it yet.  Is there some way that you can
nudge Symbolics to sign off in a timely manner so that we can get tapes made
in time?  Or is it already too late?

For your information, here's a brief description of the contents of the
submission.  The only Symbolics Copyright code is that involved in the Pascal
Runtime support.  

	System			Description
Tape 1:
	TeX-Doc			Documention describing this TeX distribution.
	TeX-SCT			Definitions needed for SCT
	TeX-DVI			DVI previewer and hardcopy support.
	TeX-Common		Code common to all versions of TeX
	COMPILER-TOOLS-PACKAGE	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	COMPILER-TOOLS-RUNTIME	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	PASCAL-PACKAGE		Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	SYNTAX-EDITOR-RUNTIME	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	PASCAL-RUNTIME		Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	TeX-Pascal-Runtime	Some Patches to Pascal Runtime Support
	INITeX			Used for compiling new preloaded TeX formats
	VIRTeX			Used for preloading TeX formats
	TeX			Plain TeX
	LaTeX			LaTeX
	SliTeX			SliTeX
	BibTeX			BibTeX
	YTeX*			A TeX macro package popular at the MIT AI lab
	TFtoPL*			TFtoPL
	PLtoTF*			PLtoTF
	LPD*			User end of UNIX lpd printer protocol
				Facilitates spooling to printers on UNIX machines.
	QUIC*			Hardcopy support for QMS QUIC printers
				The Symbolics LGP1 fonts are required to use this system.
	IMPRESS*		Hardcopy support for Imagen ImPress printers
				The Symbolics LGP1 fonts are required to use this system.
	GFfonts-80DPI		Screen resolution fonts for DVI previewer.
Tape 2:
	GFfonts-300DPI*		Fonts for LGP2 and other 300DPI (Dots Per Inch) printers
	GFfonts-240DPI*		Fonts for LGP1 and other 240DPI printers
Tape 3:
	GFfonts-Xerox-300DPI*	Fonts for Xerox 2700 and other 300DPI write-white printers,
				including the QMS PS-2400 and Imagen 24/300

Systems marked with * are optional and don't have to be loaded off the tape.
I would expect most people to want a copy of tapes 1 and 2, and very few
people to want a copy of tape 3.