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Symbolics console/machine cables

    Date: Fri, 13 May 88 06:15:31 PDT
    From:     luria@renoir.Berkeley.EDU (Marc Luria)

    Has anyone made these himself or found a supplier other than Symbolics?

    There are two reasons for this request:

    1) Symbolics charges about 1300 $ for a long cable 200 ft.

    2)  200 ft. is the longest cable they sell

    The only thing that looks special about the cables are connectors.
    Any suggestions?

Talk to your sales rep about console wall boxes. These allow you to wire
your building and use standard coax and twisted pairs (4 pairs I think)
between the boxes. Most fire codes require teflon cable for ceilings and
walls (now you find out where cable costs come from) These wall boxes
are rated at 1000 feet. They are an outgrowth our SCRC patch panel
developement. You're right about the connectors, they are very hard to
come by.