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Help with (flavor:method :background-gray dw:margin-label) in 7.1

(send *dynamic-window* :set-margin-components
                       '((dw:margin-label :string "name" 
                                          :background-gray tv:10%-gray)))

   Executing the above invokes the debugger with a message that tv:10%-gray
is not an array.  The following blurb is found in the documentation and
causes me some confusion as to what the method is expecting for an

   Book 7A, p.405: "Note that the specification is for an array object,
                    not its symbol."

   After reading that I tried the following which also did not work:

(send ... :background-gray (symbol-value tv:10%-gray)))

   And finally I tried:

(send ... :background-gray (eval tv:10%-gray)))

   What exactly should I send to this method to gray the margin label?

Michael Kelsen <kelsen@ge-dab.GE.COM>