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Chaosnet and Wollongong IP/TCP coexistence

I'm involved with a project which is still required to use
Chaosnet on a VAX 11/785 running VMS 4.6 (converting our
client's production application to use DECnet or IP/TCP is
unfortunately not a viable option in the near future).
We've recently tried to install Wollongong IP/TCP (Rel 3.0,
with the shared DEUNA driver) on the same system, replacing
a MICOM/Interlan IP/TCP implementation which worked fine but
is incompatible with other recently added software.  Things
work properly when running the Wollongong software by
itself, but not when Chaosnet is also running: Wollongong's
enet<->inet process instantly aborts with the message
"sys$qio setmode|startup: bad parameter value" if Chaosnet
is started first, and Chaos connections fail if Wollongong
is started first.  Does anyone else have experience with
similar problems or configurations?

I've already got calls into Wollongong and Symbolics
customer support, but prospects look rather bleak and I
thought I'd try this avenue in parallel.

	Mike Dean
	BBN Labs