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Re: Chaosnet and Wollongong IP/TCP coexistence

>  Things
> work properly when running the Wollongong software by
> itself, but not when Chaosnet is also running: Wollongong's
> enet<->inet process instantly aborts with the message
> "sys$qio setmode|startup: bad parameter value" if Chaosnet
> is started first, and Chaos connections fail if Wollongong
> is started first.  Does anyone else have experience with
> similar problems or configurations?


Despite assurances of compatibility from the folks at Wollongong, we had
this same problem at TI in Austin.  To allow our Explorers to talk to
this VAX via Chaosnet, we ran with some Chaosnet patches on ALL of our
Explorers.  As I remember, the patches had to do with the way ARP
requests were handled.  So, unless things have changed, you'll have to
get someone to do the same for the Symbolics system.  On the other hand,
the idea of needing such a hack, and the marginal reliability of the
controller running both protocols, convinced us that the right thing to
do was to simply purchase another Ethernet controller, and to run Chaos
on one and Wollongong on the other.  This happened over a year ago, so
things (e.g., reliability of coexisting s/w) may have gotten better, but
it sounds like you'll still need a Symbolics patch.  Good luck.