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Re: Chaosnet and Wollongong IP/TCP coexistence

>  Things
> work properly when running the Wollongong software by
> itself, but not when Chaosnet is also running: Wollongong's


>"Daniel L. Cerys" <Cerys@xx.lcs.mit.edu>
>controller running both protocols, convinced us that the right thing to
>do was to simply purchase another Ethernet controller, and to run Chaos
>on one and Wollongong on the other.  This happened over a year ago, so

When we were running DECNet, Chaos, and Wolly's TCP on a VAX at
NRTC we had to do the same thing, i.e., run Chaos off one Ethernet
reciever and TCP off another.  As I remember it, DECNet could
share off either controller, but Chaos and Wollongong were
incompatable.  After we junked Wolly's stuff and moved on to
a hardware TCP card (Excelan), we have that doing TCP/IP and
the other continuing to do both DECNet and Chaos.