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New Library tapes available

There are 3 new library tapes available.    They have short names of
Tape#4, Tape#5, and Tape#6.  These tapes contain a resubmission of TeX
by Chris Lindblad at MIT.   This submission is for Genera 7.2 only.
Also included on Tape#4 is the Pascal Runtime for Genera 7.2 submitted
by Symbolics.  You can use this version of TeX even if you don't have
Pascal.   I do not have the Pascal Runtime for the old Genera 7.1
version of TeX on Tape#1.

The first three SLUG library tapes are also available.   SLUG Library Tape
#1 contains TeX.  TeX is a typesetting system created by Donald E Knuth
at Stanford university.  It requires Symbolics Pascal.  SLUG Library
Tape #2 contains the TeX fonts for LGP2 printers used with Tape #1.

SLUG Library Tape #3 contains all the submissions made by SLUG members
other than Chris Lindblad.   All the SYMBOLICS hacks contain Symbolics
source code. It contains X Window System Version 10.4, RTAPE, Viewgraph,
TAG, Rooms, Dialnet registry, and many hacks from SYMBOLICS.  Portions
of RTAPE and the X Window System also contain some Symbolics source

All programs are provided "as is" with no warranty.

Each tape costs $35.00 which includes ground shipping to U.S. addresses.
Prices of tapes sent outside the United States are: one tape - $45.00,
two tapes - $80.00, three tapes - $120.00 to cover the additional
shipping cost.  Tapes are available only to current SLUG members who
have a signed PLA license agreement with Symbolics and a Library
Privileges Application on file with the SLUG Librarian.

If you need a SLUG membership / Library privileges application form or a
SLUG Library Submission form with submission guidelines you may contact
the SLUG Librarian via Email as Mac@MCC.COM or use the US mail address below.

To order tapes send check or money-order, payable to SLUG, to the SLUG

     Mac Michaels
     3500 West Balcones Center Drive
     Austin, Texas  78759

I can not accept credit cards or purchase orders.    Do NOT make checks
payable to MCC.  All payment must be in US currency.

If you to wish order library tapes at the same time as you join SLUG you
may send the membership application and library tape orders to me along
with payment for both (1 check or money order is fine).   I will
forward the membership application to the SLUG membership chairman who
works at MCC too.

The following is more detailed description of the contents of SLUG
Library Tapes 4, 5, and 6. 


Because this TeX distribution is licensed for free, I provide absolute no
warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable state law. I provide this TeX
distribution "as is", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or
implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to
the quality and performance of the program is with you.


To use all the stuff on these tapes you need to be running Genera 7.2 and the
Symbolics LGP2 or LGP1 printer driver software.  This software will NOT work
in Genera 7.0 or Genera 7.1.


These tapes are Genera 7.2 Distribution tapes, designed to be loaded with the
":Restore Distribution" command, just like regular Genera source tapes.  Some
files that are automatically loaded into the "SYS:SITE;" directory.  Files for
the Pascal-Runtime system loaded into the "SYS:PASCAL;", "SYS:CTS;", and
"SYS:SYNTAX-EDITOR;" directories.  All the rest of the files on these tapes
are automatically loaded into the directory tree rooted at the "SYS:TEX;"

Here's a list of the systems on the various TeX distribution tapes:

	System			Description
Tape 1:
	COMPILER-TOOLS-PACKAGE*	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	COMPILER-TOOLS-RUNTIME*	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	PASCAL-PACKAGE*		Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	SYNTAX-EDITOR-RUNTIME*	Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support
	PASCAL-RUNTIME*		Symbolics Pascal Runtime Support

	TeX-Doc			Documention describing this TeX distribution.
	TeX-SCT			Definitions needed for SCT
	TeX-DVI			DVI previewer and hardcopy support.
	TeX-Common		Code common to all versions of TeX
	INITeX			Used for compiling new preloaded TeX formats
	VIRTeX			Used for preloading TeX formats
	TeX			Plain TeX
	LaTeX			LaTeX
	SliTeX			SliTeX
	BibTeX			BibTeX
	YTeX**			A TeX macro package popular at the MIT AI lab
	TFtoPL**		TFtoPL
	PLtoTF**		PLtoTF
	LPD**			User end of UNIX lpd printer protocol
				Facilitates spooling to printers on UNIX machines.
	QUIC**			Hardcopy support for QMS QUIC printers
				The Symbolics LGP1 fonts are required to use this system.
	IMPRESS**		Hardcopy support for Imagen ImPress printers
				The Symbolics LGP1 fonts are required to use this system.
	GFfonts-80DPI		Screen resolution fonts for DVI previewer.
Tape 2:
	GFfonts-300DPI**	Fonts for LGP2 and other 300DPI (Dots Per Inch) printers
	GFfonts-240DPI**	Fonts for LGP1 and other 240DPI printers
Tape 3:
	GFfonts-Xerox-300DPI**	Fonts for Xerox 2700 and other 300DPI write-white printers,
				including the QMS PS-2400 and Imagen 24/300

*  The Pascal Runtime support systems may or may not be on this tape,
   depending whether you got the tape from the SLUG library or from me

** These systems are optional and don't have to be loaded off the tape if you
   don't think you'll use them.


The 7.2 TeX distribution comes with a new set of fonts, stored in GF font
format, instead of PXL font format.  If you have been using the 7.1 TeX
distribution, it's a good idea when switching over to 7.2 to delete the old
7.1 fonts and to restore the new 7.2 fonts.  This is beacuse the GF format
font files are smaller than the PXL format font files and the new files have a
number of font bugs fixed.

The old 7.1 TeX distribution can't use GF format font files, but the new 7.2
TeX distribution can use both font formats.  If you are going to be running a
mix of 7.1 and 7.2 at your site, you should stick with the old fonts in PXL
format.  After you are no longer using 7.1 TeX, switch to the GF format font


The interesting systems to load are TeX, LaTeX, SliTeX, YTeX, and BIBTeX.
After the tapes have been read, each system can be loaded with a separate
":Load System" command. Subsystems for hardcopying DVI files on your printers
and defining major modes in ZWEI are automatically loaded when you load one of
these top-level systems.


Once TeX, or any of the other top-level systems mentioned above are loaded,
you can invoke the appropriate program with a command processor command, or a
ZMACS command. For example, after the LaTeX system has been loaded, the :LaTeX
command processor command or the "LaTeX File" ZMACS command will start up a
LaTeX for you. 


When any TeX system has been loaded, the TeX-DVI system will also
automatically be loaded. The TeX-DVI system automatically causes the normal
Genera file hardcopy commands to understand .DVI files, so you will be able to
print your DVI files on your LGP2 printer.  

To improve printer throughput when large DVI files are printed, the DVI file
printout is broken into multiple smaller print jobs.  The global default for
this is to make no print job larger than 50 pages.  You can change the global
default by changing tex:*default-npages-per-job*, and defaults for particular
printers on a per display-device-type basis by changing

TeX-DVI also provides a DVI Previewer, which can be invoked by typing
"Select-\".  It should be pretty obvious how to use.


There is a mailing list for people interested in this TeX distribution.  The
mailing list is LM-TEX@REAGAN.AI.MIT.EDU.  Please send any comments, bugs, or
suggestions to this mailing list.  They are all welcome.  This is not to say
that they will be acted upon, but they will be read.  If you are interested in
being on this mailing list, send mail to LM-TEX-REQUEST@REAGAN.AI.MIT.EDU.

Chris Lindblad
Room 733
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA, USA 02139

  -- Wilson M. Michaels