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Word Abbrev's don't work?!?

	I was misspelling rabidly today and thought that I'd try the Word
Abbrev Mode in ZMacs to bind some stuff like 'hte' to 'the' and the like, but I
couldn't get it to work anywhere near reliably!  It seemed like it would
only expand the abbreviation outside a lisp comment, and only if a return
was hit after the abbrev, not a space.  I tried defining both local (c-x
c-a) and global (c-x +) words after doing m-x Word Abbrev Mode, and got
very poor results.
	Could this be because I was already using Electric Character Style
Mode?  Can you have more than one minor mode going at once?  IF SO, HOW
DO YOU SET IT UP IN YOUR lispm-init file?  Is it some other bug?  I also
tried setting up the abbrevs in a text-only buffer and expanding them in
the lisp file, but it only worked sometimes.
	I was using 7.1 -- it'll be awhile before I can go to 7.2.
	thanks in advance,
	chris sterritt
PS -- I'd like to be able to send this to the bug-reports people, too; what
is their address?