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UNIX-RWHO & 7.1 -> 7.2 questions

    Date:     Mon, 23 May 88 14:17 O

      Does anyone know how to stop UNIX-RWHO server process from giving
    error messages like this:

	[10:44:12 Error in network server process "UNIX-RWHO server":
	INTERNET| did not respond to a UDP 513(:UNIX-RWHO)
	->513(:UNIX-RWHO) request.]

    The Internet address is the local address for broadcasting. There are
    two Symbolics computers and various other computers in the net.
    We started to get these messages a couple of weeks ago without any
    apparent reason and been annoyed ever since.

Someone on your network turned on Unix-RWHO on their machine.  The
Unix-RWHO server was removed in Genera 7.2.  To get rid of the
notifications without trying to track down the machine that is sending
out the RWHO broadcasts, you can use :Disable Services Unix-RWHO, or
(sys:disable-services :unix-rwho) or remove the entry for Unix-RWHO from