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Nameserver worlds and Internet namespace

I had this problem and apparently some other people have had the problem,
so I thought I'd pass it along.  I looked closely at the documentation and
it wasn't as clear as it should be.

If you have a nameserver for the Internet namespace, do NOT try to boot
that machine into a world built on another machine (non-nameserver for
the Internet) at your site.  The result will be more hours of execution
than you will want to wait.  I let one run about 5 hours before I gave
up on it.  I checked periodically and it was trying to reload the Internet
namespace.  (Basically to reload the namespace it has to delete each host
(each name?) from the full set of names.  The way it is implemented, it
appears to be an n**2 or n**3 process.)

I know that when I get a new release, the nameserver is one of the last
machines I convert to running it.  I build a site-specific world on the
other machines and slowly get everyone to convert their code.  Mostly
independent of that, I build a world on our nameservers.  They also
get our site system, so it is tempting to build it on top of the world
(as an Incremental World) that we run on the other machines.  That loses
big.  I had to go back to the distribution world, do a SET SITE, and
load all the software (Symbolics's and ours).