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Databases for the Symbolics

    Date: Thu, 26 May 88 17:24 EDT
    From: DLW@alderaan.scrc.symbolics.com (Daniel L. Weinreb)

    There is a database management system that runs on Symbolics machines,
    called Statice, that has been announced by Symbolics.  It only runs
    on Symbolics machines currently.  It will be available in August.

      It costs $10,000 for a single unit, and $50,000
    for a site license.

Since it is an extra-charge product, does that mean that you aren't
going to reimplement the namespace database using Statice?  Sigh, I was
really looking forward to a namespace server that didn't take five
minutes to perform each update.

In fact, I was looking forward to using Statice.  But I don't think I'll
be able to get management to spend $50K for it.