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SLUG '88

    Date: Fri, 27 May 88 00:04 EDT
    From:     Buff@cis.upenn.edu (Richard Billington)

    HINT: Bring a tape with you. You can never tell when someone may bring
    some worthwhile stuff with you and you wish you had a tape to make a copy
    of it yourself. Seriously, bring a tape.

Bring another blank cart-tape, too.  I will almost certainly be bringing
a few master copies of the so-called "software ECO tape", which has a
bunch of fixes to Genera and some layered products.  (The bugfixes on
the ECO tape are to commonly reported bugs, or those bugs which we have
deemed to be "serious" or cause moderate inconvenience.)

Note: I can only legally give copies of this tape to people whose sites
have a valid software support contract.