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*PACKAGE* rebound by debugger

    Date: Sun, 29 May 88 11:40:35 CDT
    From:     flatau@CLI.COM (Arthur D. Flatau)

    While having IN-PACKAGE behave like PKG-GOTO is a step in the right
    direction, it does not help when debugging a program that runs in
    another package (and bind *PACKAGE* at its top level).  Everytime you
    enter the debugger you get CL-USER or whatever.  What is really needed
    is to make it easier to circumvent the "feature" described above, i.e.
    without modifying and/or advising functions.

What's wrong with:

(import 'scl:standard-value-let)
 (defmacro standard-value-let (bindings &body body)
    `(let ,bindings ,@body))

(defun top-level-function ()
  (standard-value-let ((*package* (find-package 'weird-imports)))

We have one file full of messy imports and shadow definitions, and then
generally don't worry about it.