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System crashes in 7.2

I'm trying to load 7.2 at our site, and I'm having some difficulty with
setting the site on the fileserver.  I have been able to set the site
correctly to Barracuda (our fileserver) and have done an incremental 
save.   However, if I reboot the incremental world and attempt to 
Restore Distribution, the file server complains that "DIS-LOCAL-HOST
does not support rtape services".  If I ask for a menu to respecify
which host the tape is mounted on, and ask for either "Local" or type
in "Barracuda" for "Other", the menu highlights "Local" and will then
let me proceed (rtape services do indeed exist on Barracuda).

Additionally, I have been running some backups under 7.2, and occasionally
the machine will crash.  Typically, I can run backups several times 
without any "DIS-LOCAL-HOST" complaints or any trouble at all, and then
suddenly the machine will decide that it's actually "DIS-LOCAL-HOST" and
not Barracuda, and complains about services.  If I select the menu option 
at this point, the file server will produce the menu window, but the pointer 
is frozen.  Then the machine stares at me uncomprehendingly for about 3 
seconds, and the FEP comes up asking for a "Hello".

I've spoken briefly with the hotline about this.  There is no DIS-LOCAL-HOST
in the namespace, the machine seems to realize that it's Barracuda at A3I,
yet we still have problems with using the tape drive.  We've been using the
tape drive every day in 7.1 and have not experienced any troubles with it
for the past 5 months.  Has anyone else experienced this problem, or do
I have a schizophrenic machine?

G. Murdock Helms
NASA/Ames Research Center