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Re: System crashes in 7.2

    Date: Thu, 2 Jun 88 10:14 EDT
    From: Johanna Rothman <JR@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

	Date: Wed, 1 Jun 88 16:43 EDT
	From: miller@ACORN.CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

	    Date: Wed, 1 Jun 88 10:48:00 PDT
	    From: timelord@eos.arc.nasa.gov (G. Murdock Helms)

	    I'm trying to load 7.2 at our site, and I'm having some difficulty with
	    setting the site on the fileserver.  I have been able to set the site
	    correctly to Barracuda (our fileserver) and have done an incremental 
	    save.   However, if I reboot the incremental world and attempt to 
	    Restore Distribution, the file server complains that "DIS-LOCAL-HOST
	    does not support rtape services".  If I ask for a menu to respecify
	    which host the tape is mounted on, and ask for either "Local" or type
	    in "Barracuda" for "Other", the menu highlights "Local" and will then
	    let me proceed (rtape services do indeed exist on Barracuda).

    The real problem is that the default tape spec offered is incorrect.
    The default should be Local:Cart, instead of DIS-LOCAL-HOST:CART.  We
    are aware of this problem, and it's on the list to be fixed.  In the
    meantime, for any Restore Distributions, make sure you specify the tape
    host as either the local machine, or another machine at your site, once
    you have done a Set Site.   Sorry for the difficulty.

There is at least one other problems as well, however, unless you do the set
site on a different machine:

1) the server loads all namespaces as DIS-LOCAL-HOST, then unloads them when
it becomes the local host. It then reloads some of them (e.g. the local site
system) but not all (e.g. INTERNET). Then, the next time you boot this
world, the others are loaded which can take a long time. Setting the site on
a non-server world then booting this on the server world makes the load only
happen once, and then you save the resulting world.

2) we got a NIL in the fs:file-access-paths structure entity for the
server's idea of itself. (I've reported this problem to hoss). This 1seemed
0to disappear when the site was set on a non-server machine. I haven't tried
to recreate the problem to track it, though, but it was repeatable. It may
have had to do with namespaces, or with other stuff loaded b4 the save.

Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}