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Re: Masterscope in Genera?

Question: "What  is  Masterscope?"  Answer  (W.  Teitelman,  Interlisp
Reference Manual, Xerox PARC, 1978, p. 20.1):

"Masterscope  is  an  interactive  program  for  analyzing  and  cross
referencing user programs.  It contains facilities for analyzing  user
functions to determine what other functions are called, how and  where
variables are bound, set or referenced, as well as which functions use
particular  record  declarations.   Masterscope  is  able  to  analyze
definitions directly from a file as well as in-core definitions.

"Masterscope maintains a  database of  the resuts of  the analyses  it
performs.  Via a simple command language, the user may interrogate the
database, call the editor on those expressions in functions that  were
analyzed which  use variables  or functions  in a  particular way,  or
display the  tree  structure  of  function  calls  among  any  set  of

"Masterscope is interfaced with  the editor and  file package so  that
when a function is edited or  a new definition loaded in,  Masterscope
knows that it must re-analyze that function."