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Zmail question - setting "From:" addresses.

    Date: Fri, 3 Jun 88 14:42:01 EDT
    From: pc@ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

    I am trying to customise my Zmail environment, now that i'm 
    converting from UNIX mail...I would like to have the From address
    which Zmail inserts in my outgoing mail to be different than the
    place i actually read my mail (The LISPM) - mainly to help those
    sites that are not running domain resolvers reach me...

    My LISPM is called ALEX (address:  alex.ctt.bellcore.com) and
    the host object has the MAIL-TO-USER service over TCP and CHAOS.

    So my domain is ctt.bellcore.com, whose domain resolution machine
    is a SUN called CTT (ctt.ctt.bellcore.com).

    Now, if on my user object in the namespace, i put a mail address of
    pc ALEX,  then my outgoing address becomes pc@ALEX.ctt.bellcore.com
    which is not what i want.  (Also, even though i have the MAIL-TO-USER
    service, i seem to be unsuccessful in having mail actually delivered
    to the host i use.  Do i have to have STORE-AND-FORWARD also for that
    LISPM?  It's already on the LISPM which is our central name/mail/print

    If i put the address as pc CTT, then incoming mail will be redirected 
    to the CTT machine, and while i suppose i could probably put a 
    forwarding alias there to redirect it back to my LISPM, i feel there 
    should be a better way.  I need a way of overriding the From address.

Important fact: The mailer on the lisp machine does not pay attention to any
USER namespace objects.  Only ZMAIL pays attention to the MAIL-ADDRESS field,
to use it for the From: field, and to find your mail file.  The trick you need
is to use different places for these two uses.  You can do this by telling
ZMAIL where your mail file is explicitly.

If you want all mail from you lispm field to say "From:
pc@ctt.ctt.bellcore.com", but you really want your mail to be on the lisp
machine.  To do this, put "pc CTT" in the MAIL-ADDRESS attribute, make a
.forward file on ALEX to send your mail to the Lisp machine.  In ZMAIL, click
on profile, and put "ALEX:>pc>babyl.text" in the field labeled "Default File
for Initial Get Inbox or Select".

What we do here is to keep our mail on the UNIX machine, so that we can read
it with a lisp machine or with GNU emacs.  To do this, you would put "pc CTT"
in your MAIL-ADDRESS attribute, make no .forward file, and put
"CTT:/usr/pc/RMAIL" or whatever in the ZMAIL profile field labeled "Default
File for Initial Get Inbox or Select".