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problems opening temporary window

    Date: Fri, 10 Jun 88 14:11:00 EDT
    From: fisher@ctt.bellcore.com (Greg Fisher)

    I am trying to create a window of the same sort used by the file
    system in the rename command in order to read in a file name.  I am
    trying to use the following code.

Try this:

(defun popup-accept (type &rest accept-args)
  (using-resource (minibuffer zwei:editor-for-temporary-mini-buffer-resource)
    (send minibuffer ':call-mini-buffer-near-window tv:selected-window
	  #'(lambda () (apply #'zwei:typein-line-accept type accept-args)))))

(you can then just do (popup-accept '((pathname)) :prompt "Enter file to delete"))

I think there's something like this in the system somewhere but it was
faster to write one than to look for it in the documentation.

    (defun getname ()
      (let ((window (tv:make-window 'tv:temporary-typeout-window)))
	(send window :select)
	(read window)
	(send window :deactivate)))

    This code fails catastrophically, forcing me to reboot the machine
    each time.  It gives me an error message saying that the screen window
    could not handle the :draw-bottom-line message.

    Anyone know how a window of this sort can be opened and used?

I'm not surprised.  A typeout window sits on top of another -- it's the
kind you get when you type the BREAK key in an editor.