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Symbolics Termcap

 I am with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 
and this is the first time I talk with slug. 
I use a Symbolics 3650 connected with other Computers - SUN 3/50 , VAX 11/780
etc - by ethernet.

 I need some information on Symbolics termcap so that I can login to other 
hosts on my Symbolics console (using Select t) by ethernet and edit some file
with 'vi' editor.
Presently, as there is no termcap of symbolics in our site  I can only login
and view the file by 'more' program. 

 If there is one who has a Unix termcap containing Symbolics console, please 
send me the file or an information of getting the file.

 Thank you.

 swkim%csd.kaist.ac.kr@relay.cs.net { From CSnet }