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Logging in to other hosts.

from:  swkim%csd.kaist.ac.kr@RELAY.CS.NET (Kim Seok Won)
     I use a Symbolics 3650 connected with other Computers - SUN 3/50 , VAX 11/
     etc - by ethernet.

     I need some information on Symbolics termcap so that I can login to other 
     hosts on my Symbolics console (using Select t) by ethernet and edit some f
     with 'vi' editor.
     Presently, as there is no termcap of symbolics in our site  I can only log
     and view the file by 'more' program. 

     swkim%csd.kaist.ac.kr@relay.cs.net { From CSnet }


 We are using vt52 emulation to connect to unix hosts including Vaxen, Suns,
 etc.  We had some difficulties with variable-screen-size vt100 emulation 
 so someone (I don't remember who right now) supplied us with a Telnet fix 
 to use variable-screen-size vt52 emulation.

 So on the unix host, you need a termcap entry for vt52 terminals.  You also
 may find useful a shell script (that is executed only when I login into a unix
 host from the lisp machine) to set your stty values.

 Send mail directly to me if you are interested in the Telnet fix and shell

 Tom Hausmann