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Print-spooler problems

I am having print-spooler problems:

    Print-spooler rdata files are not getting closed after
    being printed.  They do get marked for deletion but will not expunge as
    they are still seen as being in use.  It happens more often with rdata
    files from screen dumps than text files.
    With alot of screen dumps being done at our site, the print-spooler
    stops with the complaint of exhausted buffer pool or exceeded disk quota
    and timeout error requiring manual closing of the open files and cleaning 
    up of the print-spooler dir.

    I am also getting a read encountered an EOF in sys:lexical-closure cli::
    string-input-steam error at times - and when I try to restart the printer
    process it will respond with printer has had an irre-
    coverabel device error along with a printer timeout error. 

My site has 3 systems running Genera 7.2, including the server (running print-
spooler) and 9 systems running Genera 7.1.  According to software support, 
running different versions did cause some print-spooler problems for hard-
copy requests sent from 7.1 systems to a 7.2 server.  However, version does 
not seem to make a difference to my print-spooler problem.  My server is 
connected to a lgp2 printer (Apple LaserWriter).

Can anyone give me a clue on how to deal with this problem?