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Font compatibility question

    Date: Thu 16 Jun 88 15:33:33-PDT
    From: NIENART@PLUTO.ARC.NASA.GOV (John Nienart)

    We're planning on buying a second printer for our LISPMs, and several
    people have recommended that we get the new Apple Laserwriter+ (i.e.,
    LGP3).  Can anyone tell me whether this printer works with the same
    font files as the LGP2, or is new software required? In particular,
    will we be able to use the LGP2 files that were included in the latest
    TeX release with the LGP3?

    Thanks for any help.


John, here is some information from our marketing department:

   Apple announced three printers early this year: the LaserWriter IISC, 
   the LaserWriter IINT, and the LaserWriter IINTX.  The SC is not a
   Postscript device and emulates a dot matrix printer, the NT and NTX are
   Postscript printers.  The 1LGP30 is the1 IINT0 (the IINTX is very similar).  
   The LaserWriter (used as the LGP2) and the Laserwriter + were discontinued 
   by Apple when the new printers were announced.  

The new LGP3 software is currently the same as that of the old LGP2, 
including the distributed fonts.  We haven't tested TeX output, 
but if it works on the LGP2, it should work on the LGP3, since Apple 
claims they are compatible. 

Sorry for the delay, I wanted to be sure of my facts.  Please let me
know if you need more clarification...

Chris Madsen
Symbolics Software Services