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print-spooler problems

I am having the following print-spooler problems:

1)  The print-spooler rdata files does not get closed - I have to manually 
close them. They do get marked for deletion immediately after printing process
completed, but will not get expunged as they remain open.  This happens to 99%
of the rdata files of screen hardcopies and somewhat less often with rdata files
from text files.  

2)  printer processes are getting a READ encountered an EOF error which often
will not restart and when abort the process get an irrecoverable device error.

I have 12 symbolics in my site; 3 are running 7.2 (including the system running
the print-spooler), and the remaining are still running 7.1 - they all use
the same lgp2.  However, version does not seem to matter to these problems; 
I have the same open file problem with printing requests sent from  7.2
and 7.1 system.  Both problems occured after upgrading the 3 systems to 7.2.  

The printer cable, fep and io board were replaced; reloaded the lgp2 distrib.
tape and rebuilt the world on the system running the print-spooler - none 
made a difference to either problem. 

I need some clues as to my next step on how to improve my print-spooler's