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zmacs mode, incremental compilation

    Date: Wed, 22 Jun 88 09:58:02 EDT
    From: schabes@linc.cis.upenn.edu (Yves Schabes)

    Hello everybody,

     I am trying to define a zmacs mode in which I would like to
    use a special purpose incremental compilation.

    I would appreciate any help on:
     - the definition of a zmacs mode
     - the use of bp in zmacs
     - how to grab a region from zmacs
     - how to find the current definition in zmacs

    Does anyone have a simple example that I can look at?

    Thanks in advance. Yves.

You may also want to get ahold of the book "Lisp Lore: A guide to
programming the Lisp Machine" (second edition) by Lamson and Bromley.

  -- David D. Loeffler