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Zmail calendar mode

I have some basic questions about Zmail's calendar mode capabilities.
In that mode, you can create "reminders".  Reminders can be "once only"
or "periodic".

1) In what sense are these reminders; i.e. how do I get the machine to
remind me of something?  If I go to Zmail and put it in calendar mode I
see the reminders, but I would like to get them when I log in.

2) Once only reminders have a start time and an end time.  What do these
mean?  If I set a reminder to start on 7/1/88 at 11:00 and end at 8:00
on 7/5/88, what does this cause to occur?

3) To issue a periodic reminder, you have to specify a "reminder period
specification".  The help facility provides a few examples of such, but
does not tell you the complete syntax of a reminder period spec.  What
is the complete syntax?

4) Why isn't this stuff documented?  It seems like the support is there
for a fairly decent personal calendar maintenance facility, but the
documenation is non-existent and what the interface is not

5) How do I cause the "Get Inbox" command to be executed on login?  I
have put:

  (zwei:preload-zmail "r:>larry>mail.babyl")

in my lispm-init file and it seems to load the file, but when I enter
Zmail I still have to click on "Get Inbox".  What am I doing wrong?

Larry Baum