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    Date: Sat Jun 25 18:37:18 MET 1988
    From: mcvax!pilatus!ceb@uunet.UU.NET

    Subject: Using Zmacs from Beside Itself

    I am trying to call functions written to work in the context of Zmacs
    from a plain vanilla lisp listener.  I have gotten quite far, and in fact
    everything works wonderfully until I call functions which require information
    normally to be found in zwei:*window*.  This is only stuff like font information,
    and so I am sure it doesn't _have_ to come from a zmacs window, but I can't
    turn up anything which constitutes a reasonable substitute.

    Does anyone know of any way around this?

You're stuck.  Bind 1*window*0 to something which gives you the "right
answer", even if that means consing up some kludge window.  This is a
known problem in the Zwei substrate which will not be fixed anytime
soon.  Sorry.