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Re: stack consing

    Date: Mon, 27 Jun 88 12:01 PDT
    From: Siskind.pa@Xerox.COM

    I just tried
    SYS:WITH-DATA-STACK and SYS:MAKE-STACK-ARRAY and it worked just
    fine. But then I tried MAKE-ARRAY with :AREA :STACK and it complained
    that :STACK was the wrong type, not an area number. The same thing
    happened with ZL:MAKE-ARRAY. Have I done something wrong or is this
    still just in the development world? 

No, everything I said applies to 7.2.

    Also which of the following should allow :AREA :STACK?

I really don't remember.  Evidently MAKE-ARRAY isn't one of them
and what I said in my previous message was wrong.
I suspect MAKE-INSTANCE allows it.