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hardcopy info

    Date: Tue, 05 Jul 88 13:58:57 EST
    From: bouma@purdue.edu

    I would like any info on re-directing hardcopy to a file. Best would be if we
    could, instead of writing an .rdata file in the spool directory, just have the
    postscripted text go into a file of our choosing. Adequate would have the
    .rdata file get written, but just not have it sent to the printer. Thanks,

    Bill <bouma@medusa.cs.purdue.edu>  ||  ...!purdue!bouma 

>From programs, a hardcopy device can be specified as (:file "a:>b>c>d.x.1");
see the documentation record for hardcopy:get-hardcopy-device.  You can
then use functions like hardcopy:hardcopy-text-file; see the documentation
record "Hardcopy Front End and Formatting Functions".  Unfortunately, the
CP commands and editor commands only prompt for printers, not general hardcopy
devices, but you can always call the functions or write your own commands
that do so.